Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brasov's Transalvanian Market

Local apples.
Fresh prunes.

You can tell a lot about a culture with the local market. A trip through Brasov, in Romania's Transylvania region, was a treat as we shopped for the weekend retreat up in the Carpathian mountains.  This market, near the train station, had loads of fresh produce, fruits, dried goods, butchers, and flowers. Just about everything, fresh and tasty. These are some of my favorite snap shots of the fruits and veg in season:

Fresh parsley and dill...

Veg bouquet.

Cute cucumbers.

Locally grown grapes fresh from the vine.

Fresh walnuts recently cracked from their shells.

Dried herbs that made their way on to our diner table.

Of course, the characters you meet at the market, make the experience more colorful! Here some of the colorful Romanian folks:

My friends Irene, our guide, and James selecting the menu for the weekend.

Tomato lady asked me to take her to my country.

Mushroom lady.

The leek man.

The winner for most interesting pumpkins.

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