Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last of the Summer Fruits

The understated yet delectable conference pear...

Visiting England and Europe, I have enjoyed the fruits of the summer. Had some amazing doughnut peaches, figs and green melon in Spain. The most apple-y apples in Koln. The juiciest grapes in Romania. A bevy of wild blackberries off the side of the road in the Pyranees. And in England, I've picked raspberries off the bush and have never enjoyed pears more in my entire life. 

The clocks go back this weekend, marking the end of the summer. It will get darker earlier in these parts. And soon most of the fruits will be imports from warmer climes. Food-wise, I feel so utterly grateful to have had such a naturally sweet summer!

Blackberries, which I've seen nearly everywhere this summer.
This juicy lot picked from the side of the road in the Spanish Pyranees.

Raspberry picking early in the English summer. The sun is setting behind my take...

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