Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vegetarian Vienna: Vegirant

Trip to Austria would not be complete without this staple:
Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce.
For someone like myself, who associates vegetarianism with young, hip, stylish cafes and bistros (perhaps due to my own limited experience), the decor in Vegirant was somewhat jarring. In keeping with the name, old fashioned floral curtains, matching the peach and light wood tones of the establishment, intimate booth style seating that reminded me of old diners--but a subdued European version--seemed wholly in contrast with my concept of vegetarian restaurant. 
Yummy paprika soup was light but warmed the belly.
The restaurant, long established (since 1999) for its healthy vegetarian food, offers a set menu for each day of the week, along with an extensive array of a la carte dishes. The set menu comes with soup or appetizer, main course and dessert. 

The menu itself shows how the establishment understands the needs of the discerning eater. Vegan, Vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes are labeled meticulously.

The food was tasty and healthy, though, I would have to say perhaps not so sustaining for someone with a deep belly like myself. I really enjoy hearty food. We ate on a Thursday, the menu for which was paprika soup, zucchini and polenta, and apple strudel. 
Main course: zucchini, polenta with leek.
Started with the apple strudel, which was perfect for my first bite of Vienna. Been experimenting with taking sweets at the start of the meal, (Since sugar digests faster than other foods, eating it first means better digestion. When you eat sweets after the meal, the sweets ferment on top of the food that takes longer to digest) which our waitress seemed to be very impressed with. We even got a thumbs up from her.     

Währinger Straße 57, Vienna, Austria 1090

The adjoining bio shop, Natur & Reform, has all sorts of organic food and products:

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