Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nature's Cream: Artisinal Ice-Cream in Romania

Brasov, an old town tucked in the Transylvanian part of Romania
amidst the Carpathian Mountains, boasts of the best artisinal ice-cream
in the country, according to my friend Irene.
The sign points out how L Angely uses only natural ingredients, without preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. 
Cream of the crop: a great selection of REAL tasting ice-cream.

One of my most favorite food indulgence is ice-cream. I know, some people may not consider my love for ice-cream in keeping with healthy eating. And with commercial takes aerating, adding loads of sugar and using mostly ingredients that one wouldn't normally associate with wholesome eating, you can't really blame them.

So it's really encouraging to see that people are looking to make ice-cream as healthy as possible. Again, while in Romania, I was taken to a glacier, L. Angely, in the mountain town of Brasov, where I had ice-cream that was all natural, using no preservatives, and no artificial colors. I had a mint chocolate chip that wasn't radio-active green in color and coffee that tasted like a fresh brew! It was a wonderfully cool experience!

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