Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet Treats, Simply Raw in Vienna

So there we were, walking in the stylish and historic streets of central Vienna, talking food. Raw food, to be specific. Renee and Boris, who were taking us on a walking tour, was sharing their new found love for raw eating inspired by the birth of their daughter Kaiya.

Raw Food seems to be popping up for me a lot lately. With friends in the Philippines. And throughout these months in England and Europe, I seem to keep on meeting people who are experimenting with this way of eating. Vienna was no exception.

So, we were talking Vitamix (a 4-horse power blender/green smoothie maker extraordinaire), dehydrators, sprouting quinuoa when we happened across a little market of goodies. Many booths were selling bio products such as various oils and beer. But one caught our eye right away: a dainty little booth selling a tasty selection of raw treats. Chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, all raw.

Couldn't resist and brought home a box, all of which tasted not "strange" as the woman behind the counter accidentally said--I think due to language difficult--but subtly sweet and also wonderfully nuanced with lots of nutty flavor.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Raw cupcakes.
Eco-friendly packaging.

Here are snapshots of the rest of the market:

For the kids: pumpkin carving

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