Monday, October 8, 2012

Viennese Green

Matcha green tea latte.
Just a couple of days ago, our hosts from Vienna's Yogazentrum Ganesha, the beautiful Boris and Renee Georgiev, took me and my friend James on a walking tour of the city. What was to be a 2-hour excursion ended up being a 5-hour jaunt around the elegant center of Vienna, seeing many markets, beautiful old buildings and walking through a number of gardens. 

Traditional green tea. You could pick your own bowl at the counter.
We took a refreshing stop, however, at one hip little Japanese tea house, which was a sweet combination of tradition and modernity. The cafe was quite modern and so were the Japanese women manning the counter. The care, however, in the tea preparation were taken very seriously. Each bowl was wiped down, each serving hand whisked with the appropriate accoutrements.  

Matcha green tea is known to be a powerful antioxidant. And is ten times more potent than a serving of regular green tea. Among the benefits of drinking matcha green tea, it is thought to be a cancer preventer, good for anti-ageing, a detoxifier, and promotes weight loss. Goes to show that something this green is good for you!

Vegetarian Japanese rice treats wrapped in seaweed.

Hip Japanese Tea House in elegant European Vienna.

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