Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Girlfriends and Guilty Pleasures

Homemade drop scones pancakes that my uni friend Lisia whipped up after last
Saturday's practice at the Clapham Yoga Shala.  Pancakes topped with butter and
Creme de Marron (French almond paste) and lemon and a sprinkle of white sugar.

What is it about seeing fabulous favorite girlfriends that makes one crave sweet treats? Or is it just me and my particular set of friends?

A departure from the raw treats that I've been posting, I've been indulging on some sweetness with friends over tea and long long sessions of catching up, which reminds me about the key role food plays in our social interactions. We share, along with our stories, our victories and our heartbreaks, a love of food.

Since I've been in London, the days have been filled with sweet and warming comfort food, just like the friends I've been sharing them with. And on such days, I don't mind feeding my sweet-tooth, so long as I have good friends to share the guilt with.

Not vegan: drop scones in the pan with butter.
Recipe at http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/dropsconeswithbutter_78898

Lovely Lisia, a.k.a. domestic goddess...

Very English: Victoria Sponge baked by Lisia.
A slice of the sponge cake up close.

Five years since I've seen my Warwick University roommates...
The packaging of the Creme de Marron, Almond Paste that was on the pancakes...

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