Friday, December 28, 2012

Green Speckled Lentils

Though the lentils pictured above are not Puy Lentils, from the Le Puy region of France, they are still pretty darn tasty and peppery as their French counter-parts. For me, these legumes are in heavy rotation these days. I love them, making it pretty much in the same way, only varying the grains and steamed vegetables that I cook with them. I also sometimes add different seasonings. Though at times I forget completely, which is no problem with the vegetable stock giving it so much flavor already!

I'm not a nutritionist, but I feel fully sated when I have such a dish. There's plenty of protein in the lentils, fiber and over nutrients in the steamed veg, and carbs with the grain.

Green speckled lentils (if possible, Puy lentils), cooked in vegetable stock. Not a lot of stock, just enough to cover the lentils some. Season as desired. I like to add paprika, a couple of bay leafs, and ground cumin. You want the lentils to be served a little al dente. So add the vegetables on top to steam over lentils, just when they are starting to soften. Again, you can season the vegetables. I like to add dill and more paprika, along with a drizzle of olive oil.

I actually like crabs, so I like to have lentils and vegetables with a nice hearty brown rice or for a lighter nuttier mean, quinoa. In the photo above, lentils are covering a sustaining millet grain. Buckwheat groats is also another option.  

Cooks really easy. I like to make a large pot so I have enough for a meal for the following day. Keeps nicely.

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  1. You like crabs? ;-) Thanks for the lentil recipe tips x